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HP 16X DVD-R Lightscribe Blank Media in Cake Box
Price: $39.99
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HP LightScribe 16X DVD-R Media
Burn, Flip, Burn

HP is now offering a full portfolio of DVD+R/RW media. The media is high-quality, attractively priced and offered in a variety of quantities and packaging. Make DVD movies and edit camcorder videos, then distribute them on disc. Store and archive volumes of business data, plus loads of photos and music.

It's just that simple. Now you can burn your own silkscreen-quality CD/DVD labels using LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling technology. Create customized laser-etched labels using the same laser that burns your data, right inside your CD/DVD drive. Explore the new world of disc labeling with LightScribe technology. Each DVD supplies 4.7GB of storage for your photos, music, videos, and data. When you finish writing a DVD, just turn it over; the same drive burns the label.

Manufacturer: HP
Manufacturer Part#: LDM00044XM
  • Media Type: LightScribe DVD-R, DVD-Recordable for Direct Disc Labeling
  • Recording Speed: 16X
  • Storage Capacity: 4.7GB
  • Play back original videos and access data using most DVD writers, DVD players, and DVD-ROM drives
  • Enjoy greater durability than with VHS tapes: 30 years vs. 7?C10 years
  • Save files fast, at up to 16x, on 16x-capable DVD writers
  • Preserve videos, photos, music, and other files on this write-once disc
  • Protect files from being accidentally deleted
  • BURN music, digital photo albums, presentations and home movies directly on your DVD or CD. FLIP.... Inscribe/Burn your customized label. ALL with one one drive!
  • Professional-quality labels: laser precision and detail means no more marker scrawl or adhesive labels to center, only to have them peel off the disc
  • Simplicity: no-hassle labels, just burn the disc, flip it and burn the label
  • Durability: the disc's image-ready coating is an integral part of its manufacture, providing long-lasting, scratch-resistant labels
  • Mobility: labels can be burned wherever and whenever a disc is burned, no need for a printer
  • Creativity: freedom to combine text and graphics in simple or complex labels that reflect one's personality and attitude