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VisionTek Xtacy Radeon X850 XT Video Card - 256MB DDR3, PCI Express, DVI, VGA, TV Out
Price: $59.99
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VisionTek Xtacy Radeon X850 XT Video Card The Xtacy™ RADEON® X850 XT series advances High-Definition Gaming with blockbuster features, including SMARTSHADER™ HD, ATI's highly advanced pixel shader engine. With 16 parallel pixel pipelines and up to 43 billion shader operations per second, the Xtacy™ RADEON® X850 XT series delivers the power serious gamers need. SMOOTHVISION™ HD combines advanced texture filtering with ATI's revolutionary 3Dc image enhancement technology to deliver brilliant image quality without compromising performance. 3Dc has quickly become an industry standard for supporting complex, high-definition visual effects in real time. The Solution For Extreme Gaming The Xtacy™ RADEON® X850 XT also features ATI's incredible display architecture with output to HDTV capability, big screen multimedia and gaming is now larger and sharper than ever before. Users can simultaneously view on analog and digital monitors, including TV or HDTV, for the ultimate gaming, multimedia and applications multitasking experience. Ultimate Performance And Stability The Xtacy™ RADEON® X850 XT series features ATI's all-new CATALYST™ Control Center, the award-winning application that is revolutionizing how users interact with their graphics software. CATALYST™ Control Center delivers the industry's most stable 3D acceleration control software, providing exceptional graphics performance and breathtaking visual quality, while giving users complete command of their graphics processing unit.