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Pioneer BDR-202BK Retail Blu-ray Disc Writer
Price: $249.99
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Pioneer BDR202BK Blu-ray Disc Writer Immerse yourself in high-definition viewing and watch movies like never before.

The BDR-202 Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD Writer is the next generation Blu-ray Disc writer from Pioneer. Professional users can test and author high-definition Blu-ray Disc content while also delivering the ability for high-capacity data storage. The drive can read BDROM discs, read/write single layer BD-R and BD-RE discs, read DVD-ROM, and read/write most DVD and CD recordable media formats. Whether you want to record Blu-Ray discs or standard DVDs, you'll enjoy crystal clear content to share with your family and friends.

The BDR-202 offers many industry-leading technologies including:

  •  4x maximum writing speed on BD-R media

  • High Storage Capacity: 25Gbytes on single layer Blu-ray

  • Disc media (BD-R & BD-RE)

  • Dual lens optical pickup can read/write to most Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and CD media

  • Low vibration mechanism design allows high writing accuracy

  • Specifications BD-R Write Speed: 4X

  • BD-RE Write Speed: 2X

  • BD Read Speed: 2X

  • DVD+R Write Speed: 8X

  • DVD+RW Rewrite Speed: 4X

  • DVD-R Write Speed: 8X

  • DVD-RW Rewrite Speed: 4X

  • DVD Read Speed: 8X

  • Color: Black

  • Length: 7.8" Width: 5.83" Height: 1.67" Weight: 2.16 lbs.

  • Load Type: Tray

  • Interface Type: SATA

  • Enclosure Type: Internal

  • Compatible Writable Media: DVD+R DVD+/-RW Dual Layer DVD+RW DVD-R DVD+R DL DVD-R DL BD-R, BD-RE

Detailed Features:
A Closer Look Features

  • Writes up to 4x speed on BD-R (recordable) and up to on 2x BD-RE (rewritable)

  • Blu-ray Disc media Writes at up to 8x speed on DVD-R/+R 4.7GB (single layer), up to 2x on DVD-R (dual layer), up to 2.4x on DVD+R (double layer), and up to 4x on DVD-RW/+RW media

  • Reads at 2x speed on BD-ROM (single & dual layer), BD-R (single layer), and BD-RE (single layer) Blu-ray Disc media Reads at 8x speed on DVD-ROM & DVD/R media and 6x on DVD/R (DL) & DVD/RW media Recognizes BD-ROM (with copy protection), BD-R Ver 1.0 (read/write, single layer), BD-RE Ver 2.0 (read/write, single layer), DVD-ROM, DVD-R Ver 2.0 (read/write), DVD-R(DL) Ver 3.0 (read/write), +R Ver 1.0/1.1/1.2 (read/write), +R(DL) Ver 1.0 (read/write), DVD-RW Ver 1/0/1.1/1.2 (read/write), +RW Ver 1.1/1.2 (read/write), and +RW high-speed Ver 1.0 (read/write) Serial ATA Interface (Ver. 1.0A) Data Transfer Mode: Generation 1 (1.5Gbits/sec) Supports �Buffer Underrun Protection� on both Blu-ray Disc and DVD media Buffer Memory Size: 4 Mbyte Installs Vertically or Horizontally Complies to RoHS Directive and WEEE Directive Weight: 980g (2.16 pounds) Dimensions: 148mm (W) x 185mm (D) x 42.3mm (H) Including height of Front Bezel 5.83 (W) x 7.80 (D) x 1.67 (H)